Ways LinkedIn Can Boost Your Career and Job Search

Many people think that social media is just for posting pictures and catching up on the daily showbiz news however, with LinkedIn being used more and more by recruiters and one of the main tools, you should really invest your time on your brand. Social media can be an invaluable tool when looking for a new job or even trying to boost your skills in your current role.

There’s no escaping how your brand is perceived from blogs, status updates, the people & organizations you like and content they post. That’s why it’s important to ensure your personal brand is working for you and shows your career ambitions and personality.

Utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential can help you get noticed and even your next job. Creating a visible resume on LinkedIn will get you noticed by recruiters (internal and external) plus hiring managers. Adding your experiences, expertise and certifications can add value, you never know who might stumble across your profile and want to hire you.

You might attract other experts or aspiring professionals in your field by the things you post and talk about, as it is a two-way street you will find yourself drawn to other experts in your field by what they post. You can build strong and new relationships plus talk about your field and learn new things or get help from others. It should not matter how you found each other but how you grow together and perhaps become friends and allies. The opportunities that can come from such relationships will amaze you.

Following companies and professionals can help you keep active in the marketplace with companies you would like to work for, find interesting or like to keep up to date with. You can check recent hires, recent leavers, blogs, status updates, new product launches, upcoming events and even jobs they have live.

Attracting recruiters or employers with your regular posts can build relationships that might not happen straight away but over time can see you’re skilled, interesting and knowledgeable within your specialist field. They will appreciate how professional you are and when they are thinking of someone within that field for a position you will come to mind.

So, keep it professional, keep it interesting, engage with others, show off your interests and brand yourself.

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