Refresh your CV for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, with the excitement of your upcoming holidays, it can be easy to forget about your career search. As you prepare for the BBQs, garden parties and travel, spare a little time for sprucing up your resume.

When not actively looking for a new role, you may neglect to update your resume. It’s always a good idea to add any new skills and promotions or refresh the presentation of your resume – just in case a new opportunity catches your eye, you want to be prepared to make a great impression.

The following tips will help you jazz up your resume ready for when a Chase Executive Search recruiter approaches you with the dream job!

Presentation and Format

It’s vital to consider the layout of your resume. Ideally, stick to a full one page, keeping the less relevant information to a minimum. The format of this page has a much larger effect on its readers than you may realize. In our experience, if your resume doesn’t flow or looks messy, hiring managers just won’t make the effort to trawl through it as they simply don’t have the time.

Your resume needs to be aesthetically pleasing and unfussy. Ensure your bullet points are aligned and that your font is professional. The overall design needs to be smart and simple.

Profile and Skills

You are in a job that you love. Years go by and you are consistently achieving bonuses, your team are great and you can’t imagine working anywhere else. All of a sudden, your manager leaves, your colleague retires or the company structure is changing and you want out! The only thing holding you back is a 10 year old resume with outdated skills and a profile that does not show you off to your best ability.

It’s not too late to revamp the content of your resume. Ensure you do yourself justice by including every relevant new skill you have learned as well as each personal attribute you believe would be of benefit in your new dream job. Once you are in front of the hiring manager, you’re confident they will see your potential so make sure your resume reflects that in order to get you that face to face interview!

The same goes for your LinkedIn and other social networking platforms. They must all be in sync and display consistent details in order to validate and promote your skills. LinkedIn is a major contributor when it comes to hiring new talent – it is imperative that your profile is noticed and impresses recruiters and hiring managers.

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