Questions for interviewing a potential Employer for organizational fit

Looking for your next career move is very challenging, so you should have a check list of what you’re looking for such as job duties, responsibilities, what projects would be challenging and exciting for you to work on, salary but most of all culture fit. Is this the right organization, do I want to spend 5 or 10 years working at this company?

The interview process is a two-way process so you need to think of the questions you want to ask the potential employer. Certain questions based on their work-life balance, work place environment, management style and level or team work. You must trust your instincts on what answers you get from the relationship you are building with the interviewers.

Before this process, it is very important to understand what type of work balance suits you and will help you prosper within your career. Think about the type of environment which brings out the best in you.

Do Your Research

Clearly review the employer’s website and/or any literature provided by the employer in advance of the interview, look if any reviews are on the internet where employees have commented about the company and its environment.

You should have done your research, but ask questions that emphasize the content of what you have learned about this organization.

Ask the interviewer what best describes the workplace culture within his team and the wider company, depending on size of the company. (May sound a very obvious question but expand on the research you have done) Be ready for a follow up to quantify your understanding of any aspect of the answers that capture your interest.

You can ask questions which will impact your role and team, how do decisions get made and how this plays within the team’s process. Can you and your team move business into action to get things done. This will help you understand whether the work place is collaborative or one where it is top down decision making.

Depending on your role and hierarchy some people prefer to be part of this process in making key decisions that contribute to new processes, challenges and projects plus how they are tackled. Others are happy with not being part of this process and being instructed from above and they can just get on with their work.

What are the things you like least/most about working here? This question will allow you to understand and connect with the interviewer on a personal level sharing his/her feelings towards the group/company. The answers will also give you a great insight into the work environment and how satisfied employers are there. If the interviewer doesn’t seem to come up with a solid answer to your question this could be a red flag. Again you need to trust your instincts.

It would also be good to know how direct reports communicate within the team, you will see if they have company meetings or email culture. You will be able to tell if this process is formal, informal and/or maybe a mixture. If the interviewer is the hiring manager and your direct report you will see how available, he/she is for the team.

You also need to know how the company measures success and achievements, so knowing how they reward success. How often they do performance reviews will help you understand how much they invest in their employers. This question shows you’re interested and excited at being a success within the company and group, the answers will show you how to get ahead and whether it is a good fit for you.

Finding out if the company offers continuing education and professional training, will show that they are investing in its employees. Knowing this will help you expand your knowledge and ultimately help grow the business.

These are just some questions you can ask in the interview process and hopefully it will help you find out if the company is a match for your career aspiration and workplace environment

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