Actuarial Recruitment

Who are you?

You are responsible for the management and growth of a financial services provider or a technology firm.

You’re seeking advice on some or all aspects of risk management. You may be preparing to merge with or acquire a new venture; you might be restructuring your business; you could be keen to calculate economic capital to ensure your business can remain solvent. In either instance, you require the insights of a qualified, experience actuary who can help you minimise your exposure and ensure your organization is in a healthy financial position, regardless of your plans for expansion or diversification.

You understand that time is of the essence, and you’re keen to fill this vacancy quickly. And, crucially, you expect a fully tailored approach from a recruitment company that truly cares about your success. You want to work with an actuarial recruitment agency that can identify your needs and ultimately provide you with winning candidates that excel in their field – without dragging their heels, and without wasting your time.

What can we do for you?

First and foremost, Chase Executive Partners has extensive experience in the financial services sector. We have sourced countless actuarial professionals for companies like yours, so we understand the intricacies and demands of the role, and the unique qualities that employers like you are looking for in their candidates.

What also makes us different from other actuarial recruitment agencies is our proactive approach to sourcing talent. The market is flooded with actuaries, but we know from experience that many of them will not have the time to submit their CV to multiple employers, or trawl through endless ads on some of the web’s most-used job sites. That’s why, when we find a candidate who we believe will be suitable for your role, we will reach out to them directly to introduce them to your vacancy and establish their interest. If they are then keen to progress to the next level, we will ensure the interview process is fast and painless by making good use of technology wherever possible. An increasing number of our interviews, discussions and outreach sessions now take place using video conferencing software, and we find this works extremely well for our clients and their prospective employees.

We specialize in fulfilling permanent placements but can source candidates for interim or contract roles if required.

Why work with us?

First impressions count for everything, which is why you need to work with an actuarial recruitment company that understands, then communicates, your distinct values.

You can trust Chase Executive Partners to represent your business in a way that attracts and impresses high calibre candidates. We take an honest, transparent approach to actuarial recruitment that has enabled us to establish long-lasting relationships with both our clients and their candidates, and allowed us to build an enviable proprietary database that holds exceptional actuarial talent at all levels.

Operating in the US, the UK, the Asian-Pacific regions and beyond, we have a truly global presence. We can source actuaries with the right level of experience from all corners of the world, which will subsequently lead to exciting opportunities from previously untapped markets.

Are you looking to hire?

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