Ways to avoid distractions while WFH

Working from home has been a dream of many for years, due to Covid-19, working from home is almost certain now in the future for many.  You could be having trouble adjusting.  The sudden shift to working from home can be tough, and the hardest part can be coping with all the distractions you have at home that you don’t have at work.

Just some tips which could help:

  1. Get comfortable – get your working space set-up that enables you to be effective and focused.  Be careful of your posture and how your set-up is affecting the way you sit.
  2. Make a to-do list – you need a structure, what you need to focus on that day.  Write down what you need to do and also add a time frame on each task and crossing each task off as you complete it
  3. Avoid TV and household chores during the workday
  4. Manage how you respond to emails and messages – when working from home your co-workers, family, and friends will message, call, and video you for conversations.  Meaning you can get distracted easily, you will need to prioritize what is important and needs your attention.
  5. Create a schedule for your kids – it can’t be all work; we all need a work-life balance.
  6. Take regular breaks
  7. Shut the door if you have your own office
  8. Noise-cancelling headphones if possible

Distractions will happen when you work from home. Do not be too hard on yourself as they pop up. Allow those things to pull you away for a bit, especially if they are important to you, then return to work. You’ll find that walking away for a bit and practicing self-care makes you even more productive in the long run.

It’s not about how many times you stop working, but how many times you start up again. Everyone has a different balance to strike, so be patient as you find yours.

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