49% Turn down an offer due to a bad recruiting experience

Salary and benefits are not the only reasons someone would be willing to turn down a job offer.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which polled 10,000 US respondents across industries like energy, banking and technology say they’ve turned down offers because of the recruitment experience.

Customer experience is one of the most important things within recruitment processes, candidates will tell from the process and how they are treated if they will be successful plus happy at your company.

Application processes that go longer than one month will likely deter a job applicants’ acceptance according to PwC’s findings. 61% of respondents were “ghosted” had an experience with a recruiter externally or internally after interview, significantly increased the chances they would discourage their friends/colleagues from applying to the same company.

The survey supports similar findings from a 2019 survey from the American Staffing Association, which found inappropriate interview questions to be the No. 1 deal breaker for candidates.

Showcase the rewards people want most (and are willing to trade salary for)

  • Give candidates a way to experience your culture first-hand
  • Use tech to streamline, but keep human interaction at the center
  • Manage your reputation 24-7
  • Recognize how a slow process and a failure to communicate could hurt your chances of attracting talent

Finding great people to join your team is a constant challenge. And it’s not getting easier any time soon, given the tight labour market, shifting employee expectations and a shortage of people with in-demand skills. Recruiters, Companies, Hiring Managers must do more than make the right hire—they have to give every candidate a great experience.


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