How summer downtime could help drive you and your career forward

As summer approaches, the office pace slows, the mood lifts and vacations are plentiful! Although summer is the perfect time to recharge your batteries, it can also present great opportunities for your career!

Here are a few tips to help you take a career step forward come September.

1) Get networking

As summer provides a slower pace for many of us due to vacations, less staff in the office, fewer meetings etc. it can be the optimal time for networking! People have more time to check their LinkedIn messages, meet for a coffee or have a catch up on the phone.

As well as most having a little more time on their hands, summer time means outdoor events – sports, concerts, parties! With all the aforementioned social activities come networking opportunities. Having a common interest can be a great way to meet people in business as well as socially.

Scan your network and get in touch with a few contacts you haven’t seen lately as well as a few you’ve never spoken to before. Get some sunny coffees booked in and see if you could help each other propel your careers in some way.

2) Brush up on your skills

If you find yourself with more spare time over the summer, why not attend a workshop or evening college class? Have a look in to what conferences or training sessions are happening in your city over the next few weeks. Learn something new or refresh current skillsets. Starting now will mean come fall, you could have added a fantastic new competence to your resumé.

An alternative way to build your resumé would be by undertaking voluntary work. With everyone taking vacations, there will be even more need for evening and weekend help at your local animal shelter or sports centre. Find a cause you’re interested in – perhaps even a not-for-profit company relevant to your career.

An excellent way to widen your knowledge is by reading. Spend a few hours a week skimming through a business book. Blogs and online articles will also be beneficial in providing invaluable information for driving your career forward. Check out motivational speakers such as Brian Tracy on YouTube! You’re sure to be inspired.

3) Increase Productivity

We all have bad habits. We all procrastinate and fall in to non-productive routines from time to time. This summer, that can all change.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you have time for breakfast before you rush out the door. Perhaps you would like to take up and exercise or meditation class? You can find the time if you stop making excuses.

Summer days are longer which means it’s the perfect time to get back on track!

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