Don’t Procrastinate

Motivation Thursday

On this beautiful day in London, I look around the office and feel everyone is here for a reason. They feel part of this company and want it to succeed, so they have brought into the vision and strategy.

I would say I procrastinated a lot in past companies, plus some managers have held me back from true success. Without realizing it, most of us sub-consciously step back to our comfort zone and never leave it. This is so apparent in our professional lives, people who suffer from the learned habit of procrastination often suffer career stagnation.

If you feel bored or frustrated with lack of career development and done everything you can to get your current position on track to progress, maybe it is time to think about a change.

I did this over a year ago, I tried to make changes but was fighting an upward battle that I tried to sort but was never going to win. So, I made the big step to move forward and have the freedom to work and be successful with no one trying to control me. I was out my comfort zone as it was down to me now to succeed, so whatever role you are in and you need to think of the goals you want to achieve.

Think of an action you’ve been avoiding. Imagine yourself starting to take that action. Concentrate on what you feel. Did you feel something unpleasant?

This is fear, it takes over. You need to push through this fear and do what needs to be done to achieve your true potential.

Be the best you can and wish you all the success, don’t let anything or anyone hold you back

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