Tips when job hunting remotely

Your job hunt is a journey, as a trusted partner we help thousands of professionals and employers through every step of the process.  Including but not limited to industry specific insights, interview preparation, to team management and offers – we’ve got you covered.

Open dialog with your recruiter

Speak to your recruitment consultant often, they will be here to support your job search and applications.  They can give you insights on current market trends, who is hiring, who is on hold and when we pass this who will be hiring again.  As many firms will be very active getting the best talent.

Make yourself available for video interviews

This will give you and potential employers an opportunity to get to know you better and keep the hiring process moving. Being able to show your experience and enthusiasm over video, could go a long way in communicating your interest and personality.

Prepare for video interviews

  • Test all your tech prior to the interview
  • Sign in early
  • Practice by making a video of yourself answering sample interview questions
  • Treat video interviews like regular interviews
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t lose sight of the formality of this meeting.
  • Be mindful of the background
  • Dress to impress
  • Put on your best newscaster face
  • Prepare questions
  • Ask for email address to send thank you email

Video interviewing is not the wave of the future; it’s already here. So, we all have to embrace video interviews and work at recording them successfully. With the successful video interviewing tips above, you’re certain to have a solid start to edge out your competition.

Follow up with your recruiter and debrief

Let your recruitment consultant know that you’re finished. You can debrief, talk about how you think it went and ask them to thank your interviewer for their time.

Sending a Thank You email goes along way

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