Remote onboarding: Tips and Checklist for Your New Hires

Remote employees have gone from being the exception to becoming a major part of the workforce, especially during these times. Not all companies can freeze their hiring, some have critical positions which need filling.

The most crucial part of a remote employee’s onboarding is the ability to connect with their team and more importantly, their manager as quickly as possible – to do that well takes some preparation.

In fact, the number of people working remotely has increased by 159% since 2005, it’s time to turn onboarding around and make it people focused.

Best Practices for Remote Employee Onboarding

1. Start early.

2. Checklist of needed technology – laptop and etc

3. Get employees online ASAP.

4. Provide a digital employee handbook and company culture.

5. Create a sense of belonging – book manager and team meetings

6. Provide an individualized onboarding plan with video check-ins and goals.

7. Initiate professional development and personal growth from the start.

8. Encourage collaborative learning.

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