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Manager - Advisory - Asset Management


Join the Journey!

Are you ready to fuel our consulting revolution? We’re the pioneers in outstanding solutions, and we want trailblazers to join us. As a Manager in our vibrant team, you’ll shape the future of finance by tackling its challenges head-on.

Perks that Wow:

  • Championing Wellness: Embrace “Mental Health Days” on top of vacations, because we care about your well-being.
  • Thriving Wellness: Get a monthly allowance to sweat it out at the gym or unwind with massages.
  • Home Comforts: Work from home comfortably with our generous allowance.
  • Personal Growth: Our tailored training program sharpens skills beyond the ordinary.

Your Credentials:

  • Seasoned Consultant: 6+ years of consulting under your belt.
  • Education Edge: A degree in business, finance, or economics gives you an edge.
  • Project Maestro: You’ve led or coordinated transformative projects.
  • Language Dynamo: Fluent in English and French for seamless client interaction.
  • Entrepreneurial Spark: Your growth mindset thrives in our dynamic setup.
  • Financial Insight: Banking or asset management exposure? Big plus!

What You’ll Do:

  • Project Virtuoso: Mastermind projects from start to triumphant finish.
  • Mentorship Guru: Guide colleagues, ensuring a life-work balance.
  • Insight Sharer: Present solutions with impact, leaving clients wowed.
  • Trend Tracker: Stay ahead by spotting industry shifts and opportunities.

Recent Triumphs:

  • Regulation Maestro: Orchestrated a game-changing compliance project for a top French bank.
  • Fusion Prodigy: Led a merger’s transformation for seamless synergy.
  • Innovation Pioneer: Pioneered asset service provider selection for a European insurer.

Ready to make history? Your journey to shape finance starts here. Let’s redefine consulting, together!

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