Competency-based interviews

Competency-based interviews are more situational and behavioural looking at past experiences, with each question targeting a specific skill or competency. Companies are increasingly using this part of the selection process for experienced hires, as it gives a valuable insight into an individual’s preferred style of working.

Candidates are asked questions relating to their behaviour in specific circumstances, which they then need to back up with concrete examples. The interviewers will then dig further into the examples by asking for specific explanations about the candidate’s behaviour or skills.

Main skills they look for (Interpersonal / Communication / Motivation / Thinking / Problem Solving / Leadership / Influential / Organizational knowledge)

Q: Can you give me an overview on your background and experiences?

Q: Tell me about the time you had to go above and beyond in order to get a job done?

Q: Walk me through the project that was toughest for you to lead and what you did to keep it on track?

Q: What are your major weaknesses?

Q: What decisions do you find difficult to make?

Q: How do you deal with confrontation?

Q: Why do you want to work for this company?

Q: Describe your achievements to date?

Q: Name a time where you asked for feedback to improve your work?

Q: Name a time you had to convince or persuade someone?

Q: Name a time where you introduced a new idea to a situation and the result?

Q: Tell me about the highest-pressure situation you have dealt with in the past six months?

Q: Describe a situation in which you initially thought you could easily handle alone, and soon realized you were in over your head. What did you do?

Q: Give an example of a time when you had to motivate yourself to do something you did not want to do. What was the outcome?

Q: Give an example of a time when you did not have the information you needed to complete a project. What resources did you use for obtaining information? What was the result?

Q: Give me some examples of the most complex assignments, projects, etc. that you have had. What was your role and what was the result?

Q: Give me an example of how you successfully dealt with someone who was difficult.

Q: Give me a situation in your past work or school experience where you demonstrated problem-solving skills.

Q: Tell me about a time when you have had to work in a team environment to accomplish a goal.

Q: Give examples of how well you work under pressure.

Q: Give an example of a time you succeeded.

Q: Give an example of a time you failed.

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